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Cell Boosters

It’s not at all uncommon for buildings with metal, brick, or concrete walls and/or roofing to have serious issues with cellphone quality. Poor quality service, or no service at all, can be frustrating, inconvenient, and can hamper productivity. If this is a concern for your business, then a cell booster is the answer.

What is a cell booster? A cell booster is a unit that takes the existing signal from the nearest cell towers and amplifies that signal to the cell phones inside your building.

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How Does it Work?

Cell boosters consist of an exterior antenna to be installed on the outside of your building that receives a 5g signal from the nearby cell towers. These exterior antennas connect via a coaxial cable to internal antennas located at the desired areas inside the building. With this setup, the signal from the outside is brought inside your building so 5G devices such as cell phones can operate as if they were outside of the building. Cell boosters can provide service up to 100,000 sq. ft. and can reach cell towers up to 10km away, depending on the model installed and building architecture. It is always recommended to have cell boosters professionally installed to ensure the appropriate model is installed with the ideal placement of the units.

What are Some Benefits?

Reliable 5G Signal: Experience better signal coverage and quality in areas where service was poor or even completely dead.
One-Time Investment: No additional monthly fees, purchase the system once and experience the benefits.
Flexible: Cell boosters can work with all carriers and models of cell phones.
Secure Remote Management: Cell boosters can be accessed securely and remotely through a cloud-based app.
No Cost, No Obligation Consultation
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