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Access Control

Access control is one of the most critical parts of your building security. With an access control system, you can have virtually full control over who enters your building. Entry to your building or certain rooms or areas can be restricted based on who you wish to grant access to. There are several methods to accomplish this: historically, keycard/keyfobs and keypads had been the most common, some systems use fingerprint/biometrics, but the most modern and practical solution is via a smartphone app. It’s always advised to work with a security professional to ensure you’re getting the best access control system for your business.

Access control can keep your people and your assets safer and more secure:

Provide ease of access for personnel: No need for every employee to check in with security, if they have an authorized credential, they can get where they need to.
Easily track who comes and who goes: Check to make sure your staff is where they are supposed to be when they are supposed to be there. If there is an instance of theft or an accident, check the system’s logs to see who was the last person to enter the area.
Provides a simple way to prevent undesirable visitors: Very simple access control, no authorized credentials, no entry.
Integrate with your surveillance system for better security: Prevent access to undesirable parties and get a live view through your surveillance system to see who’s trying to gain entry.
Lock down your facility in an emergency: If an imminent threat has been detected, you can quickly lock down your entire facility until the matter is addressed.
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Access control works through credentials stored in the system's database. The credentials are linked to a smartphone app tied to your access control system, and these are instantly validated or denied by the system, allowing or denying access. The credentials can be given uniquely to each individual, each department, or one single credential given to all employees. These credentials can be monitored and managed (created, changed, or removed) by the system administrator through a client portal or dashboard.

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