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Camera Systems

A camera system is a critical part of your company's security. Any business that prioritizes the safety and security of its staff and its property needs a camera system in place.

Benefits of a Camera System

Crime deterrent/peace of mind: Just knowing that a security camera system is watching them is enough to deter most criminals from taking a chance and committing a crime on your property. You and your staff will feel safer knowing that your business is being protected.

Catch them in the act: If a criminal does decide to carry out a crime, catch them in the act so justice can be served. This is where it is paramount to have enough cameras in the right places so the criminal can be clearly seen.

Increase productivity and accountability: Keep an eye out on your staff to make sure they are staying on task. Monitor for incidents such as time clock fraud, employee theft, or misconduct.

Protect yourself from fraudulent litigation:  A camera system can monitor all the activity on your property and protect you from frivolous litigation. If a camera system protects you from one lawsuit, it pays for itself several times over.

Camera Systems


Camera recordings can be stored locally on a DVR (Digital Video Recorder) for older-style analog cameras, an NVR (Network Video Recorder) for IP cameras, or if you would prefer, recordings can be stored on a cloud-based server over the internet. The most common storage capacity for camera systems is 30 days storage, although this can be increased or decreased.

Where to Place the Cameras?

It’s always advisable to have your property surveyed by a security professional to ensure you get the desired coverage, but some best practices for camera placement would be:

  • Building perimeter, especially all entrances
  • Parking lots at all angles
  • Indoor cameras dedicated to each entrance
  • A camera watching any room or area with important equipment
  • Elevator entrances and stairways
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