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Sound Masking

Sound masking systems introduce ambient background noise to an office area in such away as to limit noise distractions present in the office without making the ambient noise itself a distraction. Sound masking has become a higher priority in today's business world, especially with open floor plans being more common. Sound masking systems typically consist of a controller unit (to be installed above the ceiling or in your IT (data rack), along with speakers that play the noise and sensors to detect the audio level in the office. 

Not to be confused with white noise, which is simply constant background noise like radio static. White noise can be distracting and counterproductive when used as a method of sound masking. Sound masking is specifically designed to operate at the same frequency as human speech, so as to aid the acoustic environment of an office and in no way be distracting or irritating.

When properly installed, sound masking is seamless throughout the office, without noticeable quiet or loud spots. The ambient noise in a sound masking system can fluctuate in an environment to match the current level of noise within that environment, as opposed to white noise which is simply a constant, static noise, regardless of the acoustic condition of the office.

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Benefits of Sound Masking

Maintain your desired office aesthetic: Businesses often put a lot of money and effort into implementing a certain visual aesthetic in their office. With sound masking, the units are typically installed above the ceiling or flush mounted in the ceiling tile, out of sight, out of mind, so there won't be any noticeable speakers hanging around the office.
Increase productivity through fewer noise distractions: An acoustically comfortable workplace makes for a more pleasant environment and enables your staff to remain more focused on their work.
A more pleasant acoustic environment: Background chatter, keyboards being mashed, printers printing, and other background noise can be a distraction to your staff and be disruptive in concentrating on their work. Since sound masking is designed to fluctuate with the office acoustics, a comfortable acoustic is maintained, never too loud or too quiet, but still minimizing the distractions of everyday workplace noise.
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Protect the privacy of your clients and staff: If your staff, or worse yet, your clients, can hear background conversations with other clients when they’re on a call, you need a sound masking system. Since sound masking systems are specifically engineered to match human speech frequencies, confidential client and staff conversations that may be going on in the background won't be overheard and the privacy of your clients and staff will be better protected.

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